Welcome to the blog of David Holland (Me!). I’m blogging on this site specifically about my ongoing experience of celibacy as a single Christian man. My hope is that the experiences I share may resonate with and challenge some of you.


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If you want to contact me privately feel free to do that… The email associated with this blog is: mycelibatelife@gmail.com

The blog will be updated periodically when i get around to writing it! Be patient with me!

11 thoughts on “Who and why?

  1. Listened to your interview on CBC’s Friday edition of the Current. As a brother in Christ striving to live a life of purity, I want to say thank you for your openness and passion in the interview. Directed my attention straight back to the glory of God. It was a great reminder and encouragement!

    Thank you!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed dbarkman…All the glory and credit belongs to God! I am inspired by the feedback im getting here on the blog in relation to that interview at CBC! Not to mention many emails that continue trickling into my email inbox. I am getting a bit of hate mail too, but i can live with that!

      • Ya I can understand hate male. If your honest tho and your keeping our message centered on Jesus, and his teachings people wont always understand because he was extreme. Keeping you in my prayers bro.


  2. Avid CBC listener, Canadian, Christian, and living in the UK. Great interview! Thanks for giving us your honesty and faith – a rare thing. Had I not got married last year I’d be living celibate and content too.

  3. Heard you on CBC last week, as a Christian I was really amazed and encouraged to hear your boldness on this radio program….never “blogged” before. Any chance i could email you to pick your brain a pit? If so how?

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