My Journey

The Celibate life that I am now living out, was prompted by a series of extremely dramatic events in my personal life. These events need to be heard to be believed. One thing is certain, when you’re confronted with the detail of my personal journey, it will provoke a response.

How can you get your hands on this information? I have poured it all into a book that I have been writing. I’m really excited about revealing this manuscript to the world!

As a reader of my blog, you know about my journey of celibacy, but the book itself focuses more on sex. Particularly My Sex life, and how it affected me on a holistic level. You are among the first to hear about this book, and I believe, what you eventually read  will starkly challenge the way YOU choose to express your sex life.  A bold claim maybe, but whether I’m giving an over hyped sales rant or my book genuinely is life changing reading will only be confirmed or disproved by your reading that book!

The book is currently in the U.S with my editor, the final draft is really coming together nicely. it will be unleashed soon and i am salivating at the thought of its publication! I so want people to to read it!

By clicking on the subscribe button for my blog, you will find out the latest information about the books release. You will of course also be the first to find out about new blog entries as they arrive on a weekly basis.

Free copies of the book!

For those choosing to subscribe to my blog, you will be pleased to know that I plan on giving away 5 signed copies when it’s finally launched (though its probably worth more unsigned!). You have to be in it to win it!

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